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Karalee and Lynn show

"Love Letters from The Resistance"

at the 2019 Omaha Film Festival

Filmmakers Karalee Padilla and Lynn Sanchez have proven that

“Not all who wander are lost.” That a path needn’t be linear in order to be rewarding. Sharing roots in photography, massage therapy, and yoga instruction- these skills eventually evolved into an Audio/Visual Communications degree for both filmmakers. Lynn also holds a BS in journalism


Karalee states, "I have a combined fascination for creating visual art and delving into the hearts and minds of people. These skills married beautifully in the art of documentary film making.”


While attending college, she completed her first documentary.

Little Brothers Last Voyage” follows Mikee Pruitt, a solo multi-instrumental-folk-musician, as he plays venues and street corners across the U.S. She traveled cross-country in a liveable short bus, “dumping” footage on the go and charging equipment in truck stops.

“Love Letters from the Resistance” is her second documentary film. A vastly different experience than filming the first documentary solo; the collaboration with filmmaker Lynn Sanchez and animator Rebecca Herman "has been a priceless experience full of growth and expanded creative expression."

While working together as video editors, Lynn and Karalee discovered they also shared a dream of documenting women's stories using an all-female crew.With eight important female voices in the forefront, there are 2 female directors and 3 female animators supporting them. A few months after Karalee’s daughter was born in 2018, they began filming for “Love Letters From the Resistance" which Karalee calls "a love letter of hope and awareness for all of our sons and daughters."

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