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Love Letters From the Resistance POSTER.

"Love Letters From the Resistance" is a short documentary about women working in small scale, sustainable agriculture in Nebraska and Iowa.


This short documentary was produced and created in 2018 by Omaha filmmakers

Karalee Padilla and Lynn Sanchez.


In a world of fast food and environmental crisis, we need to hear the voices of women who are part of a national trend to raise clean, healthy, sustainably grown food and with it, stronger communities.

This work is crucial but often overlooked.

It can be physically grueling.

It is a calling.

It is a radically loving act that reaches beyond the farm and garden to help create thriving, invested communities for the next generation.


The film profiles eight women who are intimately involved in small scale agriculture and education. Featured are Omahans Alex O'Hanlon, Roxanne Williams Draper, Shannon Gennardo, and Erin Higgins. Iowa farmers Denise O’Brien, Terry Troxel, Cait Caughey, and Sharon Oamek also tell their stories.

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